Privacy policy


This confidentiality policy applies to the „https://www.orthomanufacture.com/“ site. The following text explains the categories of data collected by ORTHOMANUFACTURE, how they are processed, the internal and external parties involved, how long they are kept, where they are kept and how they can be consulted. By using our site, you consent to the practices described on this page.

What data is processed by ORTHOMANUFACTURE?

When you fill in forms, visit pages on the website or send us correspondence, we are likely to collect certain data. You are free to explore our site without providing any information about yourself.

Personal information

When you submit the contact form, ORTHOMANUFACTURE may store: your surname, first name, e-mail address and telephone number. The form can only be validated if you have ticked the box certifying that you have read our confidentiality policy and agree to be contacted if you have any questions.

How do we use your data?

ORTHOMANUFACTURE uses your data to manage its customer/prospect relations. Their purpose is to facilitate the follow-up of assignments that have been entrusted to the company and/or to send news and information that may be of interest to you.

Browsing information (cookies)

ORTHOMANUFACTURE does not collect any personal data when you browse this site. Your IP address is completely anonymised and it is impossible to geolocate you. The only data we store is :

We therefore consider that the cookies added to your computer are necessary for the proper operation of the site and for the ergonomics of the site during your visit.

However, you can block the collection of cookies during your browsing. To do this, you need to change your browser settings. The setting for cookies is generally found in the „Options“ or „Preferences“ menu of your Internet browser. The following links will help you understand how to adjust these settings:

Cookies used

Our website uses cookies to ensure that certain parts of the website function correctly and that your preferences as a user are taken into account. These so-called „functional“ cookies do not require your consent.

Name of providerName of cookieRetention periodPurpose
ORTHOMANUFACTURE_pk_id.nnnn13 monthsStores your unique visit identifier
ORTHOMANUFACTURE_pk_ref.nnnn 6 monthsRecords the means by which you arrived on the site
ORTHOMANUFACTURE_pk_ses.nnnn  30 minutesAllows temporary storage of your visit data
ORTHOMANUFACTUREhasConsent7 daysAllows you to stop displaying the Cookies popup

Who has access to your data?

Internal ORTHOMANUFACTURE staff have access to your data.

Subject to the user’s contraindication, we may also be asked to pass on your data to our partners in order to carry out the tasks you have entrusted to us. These people may contact you directly using the contact details you have given us. They are not authorised to use your personal information other than for these purposes, and are required to keep it confidential.

Where is your data stored?

We use various security procedures to ensure the best possible protection for your personal data. Your data is stored in a secure, controlled data centre protected against unauthorised access. We also use the SSL encryption protocol on all pages of the https://www.orthomanufacture.com/ website.

The aim of these measures is to minimise the risk of unauthorised access to your data. However, there is no such thing as zero risk.

How long is your data kept?

In order to respond as effectively as possible to the tasks entrusted to us, ORTHOMANUFACTURE retains your data until the purpose for which it was collected has been fulfilled. Thereafter, your data will be deleted from our database. Navigation data (cookies) will be kept for 13 months, in accordance with regulations. Personal data will be kept for a maximum of 24 months, the retention period used to manage prospecting or commercial relations.

You have the right to rectify, forget and delete your personal data at any time. How can you access your data?

Comment pouvez-vous accéder à vos données ?

If you identify an error in your personal data, or if you consider them to be incomplete or inappropriate, you can ask us to correct, complete or delete them. You can contact us by e-mail (contact@orthomanufacture.com), or by post at 10, Rue du Général Leclerc 95380 PUISEUX EN FRANCE to ask us to take the necessary action. How can I unsubscribe from our communications?

How can I unsubscribe from our communications?

You can unsubscribe from our emails at any time by clicking on the „Modify your preferences“ or „Unsubscribe from all lists“ links. You will find these links at the bottom of all our marketing and sales e-mails. You can also ask us by e-mail (contact@orthomanufacture.com), or by post at 10, Rue du Général Leclerc 95380 PUISEUX EN FRANCE. We will continue to send you e-mails unless you change your mind or notify us otherwise.