Entry to the show as a simple visitor is €30, catering included.

For any registration as auditor to the conferences, the lunch and catering are included.

To register as listeners, have a look on hereunder positions for detail.

For multiple registrations, the easiest way is to send us this completed FORM and sending it to to register.

For full price registrations for conferences over 1 or 2 days, and only on these positions, decreasing rates will be applicable for several registrants from the same company. A reduction of 20% will be applied, on the lowest price, for a 2nd participant, 30% for a 3rd and 40% for a 4th. The fifth will be free!

These discounts cannot be made through this site, so for all of these cases, it will be a question of sending us this completed FORM and sending it to to register.

An invoice and a payment link will then be sent to you in order to finalize your registration.

No badges to print, these will be prepared by us and will be available at the reception of the show. You will only have to decline your name to retrieve it.

Thank you for your understanding.