The Fair

ORTHOMANUFACTURE is an annual trade show, taking place in France or Switzerland, every other year. In 2022, come back to a “normal” exhibition with its meetings, its exchanges, its sharing.

In France, at Parc Métrotech, near Saint-Etienne on the road to Lyon, exhibitors and organizers will be there to welcome you in a professional and friendly setting.

The event offers conferences and an exhibition for industries of the sector of implants and instruments in orthopedics, traumatology, spine, dental. Foundry, forging, additive manufacturing, machining, surface coatings, finishing, packaging but also materials suppliers, companies in control, testing, laboratories, surface characterization …

Over the 2 days, 200 to 250 visitors and listeners will come to visit their suppliers and discover new ones. Company directors, R&D engineers, project managers, production managers, buyers, sales representatives, quality control specialists… decision-makers will come to look for new contacts and discover innovations relating to the field of implants.

The exhibition thus offers the possibility of meeting professionals and exchanging knowledge, receiving information on technical, medical and legal advances….

We also offer an entertaining evening program for all attendees, speakers and exhibitors. It’s a great opportunity to make more contacts and continue the day’s conversations in a more relaxed setting.


A trade fair for manufacturers, suppliers and subcontractors of the entire implant industry

About fifty industrial “exhibitors”

Technical and scientific conferences : scientists, researchers, surgeons … experts in research, education, industry …