Orthomanufacture is

An exibition with manufacturing companies and suppliers in wide range of implants product technologies

About 50 industrial “exhibitors”

High level scientific and technical conferences hold by independent speakers – surgeons, research experts, professors, innovative industrials…

Professional event

Thanks to these 2 days dedicated to the industries of the orthopedics-traumatology-spine-dental implants and instruments market, ORTHOMANUFACTURE allows us to discuss, discover, inform us about technical, medical, regulatory developments ….


Visiting the show

You need to register to be able to visit the show. Admission to the exhibition alone will be € 30, coffee breaks and cocktail lunch included.

Attend conferences: Follow this link to get more details : Conférences   >Register.

Have a booth

The booths, all the same, of the order of 5 to 6 m², with 1 table and 2 chairs, lighting and electricity, allow exhibitors to receive their visitors in a calm atmosphere free from daily pressure.

This allows them to present their company and their know-how and to discuss quietly