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S’est déroulé
les 27 et 28 juin 2017

Saint-Etienne (42)

Centre Technique des Industries de la Mécanique

Le salon 2017, c’est terminé !

Retrouvez ici la liste des exposants, des conférences et les temps forts de cette première édition.

English version

We are pleased to inform you that we are organizing an exhibition, in Saint Etienne close to Lyon, France on the 27th and 28th of June 2017. This meeting will be focused on the subcontractors and vendors in orthopedic, trauma, spine, dental implants and instruments, linked to the CETIM (French Official Mechanical Center) congress « Implants Innovations» (15° th edition).

This meeting will give you the opportunity to discuss with many people from this field of activity.

And to get information on the present technical innovations, the medical news and the regulatory affairs.


  • Located in CETIM – Centre Technique des Industries de la Mécanique in Saint-Etienne, 7 rue de la Presse (45 mn by car from Lyon, direct TGV from Paris)


  • About 20 to 30 industrial exhibitors for about 200 implants experts who should attend the meetings.


  • In parallel of the exhibition, the CETIM technical and scientific conferences will be proposed by research laboratories, surgeons, university teachers, engineers, technical and industrial experts. These short presentations will show technological solutions, know-how and innovations in implants manufacturing field. The conferences will be organized to permits the flow of visitors among the exhibitors booths. You will get one free entrance to the conference room (value 250 €).


  • An evening party on the 27th will be organized to give the opportunity to everybody to continue to exchange altogether:  engineers, speakers, surgeons, technical visitors… You will get 2 vouchers for you or to invite who you wish (total value 100 €).


  • We have chosen a simple organization which give us the possibility to propose a cheap price of 1 500 €.


  • The booths will  be around 5 m² including :
    • Walls, electric power socket, 1 table and 2 chairs,
    • Your lunch meals, 2 invites for the party, 1 access to the conference room.


  • Lunch and coffee breaks will be in front and among the booths.


  • Except the conferences, the entrance for visitors will be free of charge. Each of them have to register on this page. Lunch will be free also.



les partenaires Orthomanufacture

Contacts – Inscription et facturation Salon

Olivier VECTEN
+33 6 13 23 94 49

Philippe PLANCHE
+33 4 70 58 48 04
+33 6 07 13 90 47

Adresse :
VECTEN Médical Industrie Concept
10, Rue du Général Leclerc

Localisation Salon

Centre technique des Industries de la Mécanique
7 rue de la Presse
42 000 Saint-Étienne
à seulement 45 mn de Lyon, TGV directs depuis Paris